• Heather Lynn

You Matter

You belong to the whole, to each and everyone of us. YOU MATTER! You just might not know it yet...

Sometimes we wait for someone to take us in, to find us where we are and love us. Sometimes we hide away, with feelings of insecurity, thinking that we don’t fit in, we are not like everyone else. Sometimes we run from being known.

If you hear someone tell you that you matter, shouldn’t you feel it? Doesn’t it have action attached? Doesn’t belonging and being apart of a unit, give you purpose, feel incredible and allow you the freedom to be yourself exactly as you are?

Yes! Absolutely it should!

It takes YOU, it takes action on your part, it takes you playing a part in your life. You wanting to belong, you knowing that you are capable of being loved and accepted as you are right now. If you have been waiting for someone to find you, stop, you must make yourself findable. If you have been hiding away afraid that you are not good enough or worthy of belonging, stop, you are good enough right now. If you have been running from being known, stop, let us know you, allow your life to matter to someone else, be something wonderful to the life of someone.

Everything you are right now, is who you are supposed to be in order to Do what you are intended to do. You AS YOU ARE matter, are worthy of acceptance and have a very important purpose on this planet RIGHT NOW.

If today, you are struggling and need to feel that you matter, reach out, let someone care about you, let yourself care about others. Together we matter, together we belong.

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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