• Heather Lynn

What You Think Of Me

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

You will see me as your are. You will process the information about me from your nature. I will only be to you what you are able to find within yourself. This is the reality of of all connection with humanity, we see things as we are.

The beauty of this is that, what you think of me is not who I am. Your opinion of me should never create my opinion of myself. I must come to the knowledge of myself from my own core.

From the perception of you, you might wish that I would take the idea's that you have of me and use them to transform myself to be more like you, and vis versa, I may wish that you would take my perception of you and use it to become more like me. This desire to change one another is altogether wrong, we must act singly, we must be genuine, we must be who we were created to be. The world does not need one more of someone else, the word needs you, as you are, to bring your past to judgment and live in the now as you are, to do right now. You are a genius when you can act yourself.

*How does one come to be who he was created to be, by listening to his own heart and mind, by thinking about why he does what he does and asking himself why he does it, by honoring his mistakes and contradictions because they are apart of his creation. By knowing that he does not need anyone to approve of him because he approves of himself (knows his value).

These are the ways of genuine action, of genius and of being YOUSELF.

I wish you always the strength to be yourself, and to know that what they think of you is not who you are.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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