• Heather Lynn

Treat The Cause

This blog post contains strong language.

I’m angry, I’m f’ing angry, my wife shows me very little attention or love, I do everything in our relationship, this is such bull shi*.

Anger is the symptom of the cause, the cause is the feeling of being unappreciated.

Treat the cause.

How can you take care of your needs? What can you do to feel appreciated and know your value?

Working on the cause will resolve the symptom.

God, she is a self righteous bit**, she acts likes she is a good person, it's all a show, I know she has done a lot of terrible shi*.

Insecurity is the symptom of the cause, people who need to shame or tear down others are insecure. The cause is the lack of self love, and internal fear of others.

Treat the cause, how can you gain self love? How can you face your internal fears?

Working on the cause will resolve the symptom.

Help yourself, treat the cause. May we choose, self healing over ineffective destructive behaviors.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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