• Heather Lynn

The "What If" Response

Have you ever experienced a trauma situation that turned into a "what if" shit show? Meaning have you ever had a bad experience that left you feeling that you should have, could have done something different, leaving your mind racing and your inner peace nonexistent?

The "what if" response is a dangerous path to take, once you begin to question a past experience and think that your action or lack of action was wrong, you can find yourself in the battle of the mind. Most of the battles in the mind that begin with the "what if" create a traumatic stress response and leave you in an unhealthy mental state.

The best way to handle the "what if" is to first own whatever it is that took place in the traumatic situation, if you were at fault, own your fault, lean on what you learned in the mistake and take a mental lesson on how not to return to that place or to recreate that situation, if you were not at fault you leave the fault where it is and give grace, then you let it go, take what you learned and run. Do not spend anymore time within the "what if" pit.

Help Yourself, become better always.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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