• Heather Lynn

The Right Choice

Have you ever faced a choice where you wanted to know that you were making the "right choice"? A time when you thought and thought, and possibly prayed and prayed to "know" the right way?

We are all choosing daily the paths in which we will go.

What's the right choice?

One thing for sure is that often the "right" choice won't be easy, won't be comfortable and won't be the one you want.

Why is this? Why do we want to escape any and all pain? Why do we want easy, less work, and more time to lay lazily in the sunny sun?

Because, life is hard.

There is no way to escape that fact, and when you allow yourself to choose difficult, to choose the path of challenge and growth in unchartered territory when you can choose to learn something new and often feared, that is when you are living, and expanding. Yes, It hurts to feel the pain, it's not easy to grow, and yet when you look back after experiencing it, you realize you made the "right choice".

I hope you choose well, and I hope you're proud of your choice.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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