• Heather Lynn

State of Mind

What state is your mind at? Are you spinning circles? Are you defeated in thoughts of negativity? Do you want to disappear from life or relationships because they tire you out and cause your mind to have anxiety?

Slow it down. Take a deep breath and slow it all down, this is not easily done if you have an overactive mind, sometimes you have to focus all your energy on something right in front of you. example; take your right hand, open it up and look at it, stare at all the little lines, what shapes do the lines make, count a few of the lines... anything to slow the mind down and bring it into right now.

Clean it up. Cleaning up the mind takes energy, making an adjustment in the way you operate is work, when cleaning up your mind you work on literally cleaning up the thoughts that don't add goodness to your life, you have to clean up the shi*, the wasted mind space, the unbeneficial mental processing.

Feed it, strengthen it. Feed your mind with input that adds to your mental health, that creates betterment. Practice mental attitudes that build up, work on your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality, work on feeding your mind with healthy mind food. What do you enjoy thinking about? Think about that. What things do you want to learn? Make a plan and learn it. What things do you want to practice for better living? Find them and concentrate on them.

Help yourself with a healthy state of mind.

Are you safe right now? If you are not safe, reach out, call one of the many resources. https://www.safefornowblog.com/need-help

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.

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