• Heather Lynn

Self Protection

To protect or not to protect? Have you ever had a strong need to protect yourself, maybe from a physical altercation, maybe from something verbal, or maybe just something from an old wound that you didn't even see coming, and that wasn't intentional from the one who dealt it. We in our human nature can be fragile, we can experience pain that we don't know how to handle. In the unknown we protect ourselves and sometimes in that protection, harm others.

How can we come to a place where self protection is minimal, and only necessary in extreme situations where we know innately what to do and how to respond? How can we eliminate the self protection that is engaged due to being defensive, fearful, or sensitive to others opinions and that often when used causes harm to the unsuspecting humans around us?

Heal and love yourself, this is the answer. When a person chooses to be healed from the deep seeded pains that have laid unresolved, and finally see themselves whole and without need to protect a wound, only then can they be free from self preservation. When a person chooses to love themselves with a love unconditional, a love full of grace and perfect understanding, only then can a person be safe from anything that tries to create harm.

Heal and love yourself so damn much that no matter what is said about you or done to you is seen in its reality, as nothing with any power or validity. We heal and learn to love ourselves one day at a time, we start by making the choice and then doing it. May you heal, may you love yourself as the incredible being that you are.

Are you safe right now? If you are not safe, reach out, call one of the many resources. https://www.safefornowblog.com/need-help

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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