• Heather Lynn

Say What You Need To Say

I find myself reading or watching a video screaming in my head, say it! Just tell them the truth, say that you love them, explain what happened, talk it out, say what you feel, express yourself. I understand these books and movies are created to expound the conflict, yet, this is very true in life and everyday relationships. We don't say what we mean, we don't explain how we feel, and we don't express our desires. We often go along with the conflict and allow it to control our lives.

We must begin to talk. We must begin to say what we need to say. I am often abashed at my own inability to express myself. I go into a conflict and withdrawal, not wanting to experience the discomfort the conflict brings. I am a pleaser, naturally. I look around me and see so many others like me, they sit with a mind of their own, thinking the thoughts of their own all the while not sharing, not opening up, not saying what needs to be said.

As I scream in my head to the books and television, I know that the very best way is to say what needs to be said, end the internal conflict and set ourselves free. Let us say what we need to say.

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