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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This blog post contains content of addiction, suicide and a strong message to recover.

One day almost a whole bottle of prescription pain medication went missing, two pills remained in the bottom of the container, as if to say “I left you some, for your head ache”. One day all the change and dollar bills that had been being saved for over a year in a glass jar, empty. We speculated, tossed up ideas as to who, yet never got it right.

She would come by, with her sweet smile and kind heart, generous and always willing to help. A true friend and someone we cared deeply for.

One day we got the news, she has been arrested, possession and a few other charges.

She was placed in a woman’s jail, and began the work of recovery. After almost six months of her incarceration, a letter came for me. A letter that shared her thankfulness for our love and time shared and also a confession, she had taken the medication and the money. She apologized for any harm it caused, a genuine sadness for what she had done while under the influence of drugs.

I didn’t get the chance to write her back, a few days later we heard that she had hung herself in jail.

This sweet, gentle hearted, full of life and talent was gone.

I sat and sobbed.

Today is the day of recovery, today you can choose to invite help and recover. Recover for the soul within you that longs to grow and experience living. Recover for the life you are meant to live and share. Recover for your family, friends and loved ones. Recover for YOU, recover so that you can be a wonder in your own life and the life of others. Recovery can feel overwhelming and impossible, yet so many people have come before you and are experiencing GOOD life after addiction, seek a team of professionals and the people who understand addiction and how to best help you.

Stay safe, it can happen that you feel so very low and disappointed with yourself and your progress. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, ask for help. If you or someone you know need resources please reach out. https://www.safefornowblog.com/need-help

Today I wish you safety, healing and the strength to recover.

Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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