• Heather Lynn

Proud Momma Blues

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

My neighbor has a "newer" baby, I say newer because it's only been just over a year since she gave birth. I notice that she maintains a kind nature, she runs her own business from home, she's a coach, a friend, a mentor, her house feels incredibly organized, she works out, her husband and pets seem happy and she just won first place in a photography contest at the county fair.

Last night I was outside and I heard a soft sobbing, I walked around back and looked towards the sound, It was getting dark, but I could see her small frame hunched over, I walked towards her, not wanting to scare her, I quietly asked " is everything okay?" she stood quickly and tried to wipe off the emotions. "I'm fine, "I'm fine" she said forcing a smile, I smiled back and offered "I'm here if you ever need to talk", she whispered "thank you", and took the sleeve from her jacket, wiped her face dry, took a deep breath in and slowly walked towards her back door. I watched as she composed herself and stepped inside.

To all the proud momma's out there, you matter, how you feel matters, you are not alone, may you have the strength you need to face everything before you.

*Story inspired by a strong woman who couldn't share her feelings with friends or family, but found a friend in a stranger.


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