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People Who Care

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

People need people, we are made for relationship with others. It is often easy to find yourself busy, lonely, or dealing with sincere social anxiety. No matter what you are facing right now, you need connection with people. How do you find good people? People who care?

1. Be a person who cares.

Being a person who cares, genuinely, is more innate than maybe understood, we have influences everywhere that say " I don't give a damn" yet, our very nature wants to care, wants to connect, and wants to use what we are made of, we are made of good, FOR good. We may have nothing material in our life, and still have everything good to offer, our unique qualities and service. Did you know that you making one person matter, you giving them connection, acceptance and understanding will impact your life for better, yes your life will be made better by being good to another. It's a win, win, become a person who cares.

2. Look for good connection.

Once you have chosen to be a person who cares, naturally you may find yourself connecting with people. If you don't regularly interact with others, it can take some effort on your part to seek out ways to connect. Looking for people who have similar likes and interest is a good start, what do you enjoy doing? The internet is full of options for looking, google it. Look around you, keep your eyes open for volunteer positions, community service projects, be willing to participate. (schools, mentor programs, community centers, crisis hotlines, animal shelters, meals on wheels, ect x1000) Look for matches that interest you, or skills you could share, again google it, for available platforms. It's not about gaining 100's of connections, it's about creating quality, sincere relationship where you are safe to be yourself and you feel a sense of belonging.

3. Connect.

Connection is learned, it can feel uncomfortable, and can make you feel vulnerable and afraid. DO IT ANYWAY. Once you have experienced true connection and the win, win of genuine relationship, you will begin to understand the power that these connections have on your life. You will know and feel the good. A good life is worthy of the effort.

*I wish you courage. (Our 2020 state of pandemic can cause less connection and more loneliness, resources are available remotely to connect and stay safe, DO IT, reach out, help yourself live your best life right NOW.

Photo by Jono on Unsplash

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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