• Heather Lynn

If You Must Identify, Identify as Love

Lately it feels like our whole world has gone mad, I hear people feeling angry because they are not being identified correctly, I hear others who are frustrated with the need to identify at all, and then there are those who simply aren't able to accept one another as they are. The reality that some humans can't accept others feels almost old fashioned as we have grown in education and understanding as a whole. I sit on this thought, people who can't accept others are in that space because they haven't learned otherwise, and you don't know, until you know. May they come to learn and understand. May we all realize that we each are moving at our own pace, and may we keep the hope that everything will happen as it must. (Just knowing that everything is as it is, and will be as it will be, can help keep positivity during these times of madness)

Identifying yourself as love, can help you remove the labels that so often divide. Love accepts the soul of each and every person. I've heard it said, but, I don't like what they do... That's okay, just don't fixate on what you don't like or what you disagree with, rather fixate on love, acceptance, and goodness.

Please know that love lives in you, Identify as it, embrace what love can do, not only for you, but to the world around you.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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