• Heather Lynn

I've Hurt People, and Never Meant To

Most of us walk around consumed with our own path, we are doing the best we can with the time before us. We are living breathing, and actively sharing this world with others.

We share as best as we can or know how, and then bam, we affect someone's life negatively without any intention to do so.

Why does this happen? In most cases, harm done to people is not intentional, it is accidental, without motive or want. Most of the time bad happens just because. Knowing this can be the beginning of a good life, once we have a good perspective, that is that people are not walking around purposely causing us harm, we can begin to live with less fear and self protection, and with more hope and goodwill towards others.

Yes, we have all more than likely harmed someone accidentally, and if we have, we should own our fault and if needed make amends, spend time with the person we have pained while they suffer, offer our help to repair anything that was broken, speak our peace. This is an important part of healing and humanity.

I have hurt people and never meant to, and so I will remember that people are doing the best they know how, and letting things go when I have been harmed unintentionally is the better way.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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