• Heather Lynn

How You Feel Is What's On Your Mind

What’s on your mind?

What if Freud was wrong? What if talking is not the answer? What if talking only encourages more thinking? What if thinking only causes more suffering?

What if thinking less is the answer? What if the reason mediation works is because you slow down your thought process? What if slowing down the thought process can help “heal” you?

Think about it, right now, what's on you mind? Do you continue to replay difficult events of your day? Are you constantly reminded of something painful from your past? Are you suffering with thoughts of fear, anxiety, or depression? Getting your mind off your mind can be the answer to feeling better. Easier said than done right, well not necessarily. Try this, stop everything you are doing and go some place extra quite, if you need a suggestion, the floor of a clothes closet or coat closet is a calm space, close the door, its dark yes, don't be afraid, sit on the floor resting your back against a wall or shelf if possible. Take a deep breath in, and become aware of your breathing, focus only on the breaths, shut out any sound happening near you, now become aware of your heart beating, feel the beat, listen to the beat, remember it. The only thing for you to do for the next few moments is to focus on breathing, inhale, exhale, if you find your mind beginning to wonder or recalling events, speak to yourself inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale or breath in, breath out. Stay right here, right now.

How do you feel?

Taking the time to slow your mind down, can change the way you feel. May you be well, and may you continue to heal from the difficulties of life.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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