• Heather Lynn

How do you talk to yourself?

I’m personally a soft soul, I prefer to be gentle with myself, I talk sweetly and kind to myself. I tell myself that I am worthy, good, loved and loving. I know a few people that don’t speak this way to themselves, they speak harsh, they tell themselves that they “f-d” up, that they are an idiot, they push themselves with critical speech.

Because I tend to have lots of grace for myself, I often don’t understand how others can be so critical of themselves. Yet, of course, not all self-criticism is harmful, some is extremely beneficial, it allows someone to process their mistakes there own way, and helps push them to better the behavior they are criticizing.

The key to knowing if your self talk is beneficial is what you believe about yourself all in all. Do you know your value? Do you honor yourself? Do you believe that you will always be worthy, simply because you are you? If so- your self talk is working.

Mistakes are apart of living, and self talk is what we all do.

However you talk to yourself, you're a wonder.

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