• Heather Lynn

Find The Best In Others

How do you see other people in your life? Do you tend to be a critic, and look for fault? Often this is what we do, but now is the time to become better, and do better through truly looking and finding the best in others.

If you often feel that you do things better than others, that you find yourself outshining those around you in "success", you could have a harder time making this a habit, yet I can tell you, if you can look deep within, you can find your own intimate flaws, which once known can help you to see others in a better light, its wild how shinning a spot light on our own misgivings can truly help in realization of the fact that as a human, we are all flawed, have made mistakes and are equally across the board learning through each new day.

It is the better person who can FIND THE BEST IN OTHERS. Yes, criticism does play a role within growth and understanding, but it is within each individual person to take the initiative to better themselves, and WE ALL should try.

The best in others is a beautiful path, to look beyond the surface and find the good, once you begin to try, you will see that the "art of finding good" is not difficult, people are amazing, each carries a unique set of traits that only they possess, and knowing this, helps in exploration, look at anyone, there is no one like them, now look again, what is something they do that you aren't accustomed too, how they think, how they process, what they enjoy, discovery with the desire to find the good is the objective.

I wish for you to try and find the best in others, I wish you the courage to face all of your own flaws, and the ability to see that we are ALL worthy of being found as good.

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