• Heather Lynn

Face Your Face

We all come to a space and time when we must face ourselves, face our own current self, as we are, as we have been, a time to look closely and recognize our own current choices and behaviors. To face our present realities sober, and begin to show up to this life and live it with courage.

Looking at yourself honestly takes courage, many people live life day in and day out avoiding their reality. For example; you have children with a difficult person, so you give up being a parent because you don't want to face the challenge of a relationship with a difficult person. You struggle with a mental health issue and feel that you will never be able to function on a level of normalcy so you isolate yourself from others. You go through a bad break up, and can't understand why this person who you loved so much, cant love you back, and so you want to give up on everything that once made you happy. Yes all of these examples are difficult, no one wants to experience these realities, and yet this is real, this is life and life is hard. We must face ourselves with an understanding that no matter what we will experience we can and will have the courage we need to face it.

Life must be faced right now, we must learn to sit in the discomfort and grow through it, we must become responsible for our lives, and do the things that are hard. For example; You face the difficult person who has told you that you are not capable of being a good parent, and you be a good parent. You take yourself to a mental health care professional and you talk through your problems, you take better care of your physical health and you hang out with good people. You go through a break up with strength and dignity, knowing that you like yourself and are loveable, you keep doing the things that you love because you know you will be okay, no matter what. You face your face!

May you see yourself well.

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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