• Heather Lynn

Day and Night

My perception of everything is mine. I can't ever ask that anyone else understand or obtain my perception. We are living side by side and each hold the power of life within us. I think, and I am. My truth to me is like day and night, I live fully and as I live I am understanding, though my understanding is still my own, I am not complete, I am still being filled. My desire is that I do right always, that I act in accordance with my genuine self, that I live the life given to me, and complete that which is meant for me to be done.

You also are with me in this thing called life, acting according to your truth. I honor you and the life given to you, your thoughts are your thoughts and your ways your ways and in that I will trust you to live and act in accordance to your genuine self, and may WE be the healthiest for it.

As surly as there is a day and night, we are alive and we must LIVE.

Are you safe right now? If you are not safe, reach out, call one of the many resources. https://www.safefornowblog.com/need-help

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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