• Heather Lynn

Choose Your Own Adventure

There are books called choose your own adventure, as you read them you come to a place where you are given a few options, you get to choose from the options and from there carry on the story from that choice. These books are great fun, and its even more fun to reread and choose a totally different option and watch what happens to your main characters through this new development.

Our lives are a choose your own adventure, often times we don't recognize the options, we have become accustomed to our own mundane routines that we have forgotten we have a choice.

We have choices, we can choose from the moment we wake up to have a good day, our mental mind frame is ours and every moment of every day we can make it up in our own mind how we will continue. We must give ourselves the power to make that choice, if we have given it away for someone else to choose, we must take it back. You are here to live your life, and your life is here ON PURPOSE. Choose an amazing adventure, will you?

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*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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