• Heather Lynn


How does a person recognize their own mental health? Does a person need to face a mental break down in order to know that they are struggling? Does a person need an outside source to point out that they see something that isn't "well"? Sometimes your mental health can require an outside observation, yet in most cases you might be able to recognize signs and symptoms if you are simply aware. Are you aware of yourself when you are nearing a "breakdown"? Do you ask yourself important mental health questions?

The key here being self aware, self awareness is a practiced behavior, and learning how to be aware of your own mental state can be the difference between a complete crisis and knowing when its time to work through a pending difficulty and get help.

Life is tough, let me say that again, life is freaking tough, I don't know one person who hasn't experienced real hard shit. With that being said, we must find ways to cope with what we are experiencing, and we must become self aware enough to know what we can do when we begin to demonstrate signs of a mental breakdown, a few examples of personal symptoms include loss of hope, mood swings, panic attacks, insomnia, etc.. At the first sign of any of these examples you must ask yourself the questions, "what is going on right now to create these symptoms"? Paying attention to your body, your mind and your emotions can help keep you safe and healthy.

Take the time to get to know yourself, prepare your mind for what you will do in the event of a nearing breakdown, and always be willing to reach out if you need help. Are you safe right now? If you are not safe, reach out, call one of the many resources. https://www.safefornowblog.com/need-help

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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