• Heather Lynn

Bliss Comes to Those Who Know What They Are

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

We often feel life is complicated and full of difficulties, the reality is that what you are identifying as is what is creating your misery or bliss. What does it mean to Identify as something? To identify as, is to establish who or what you are. Who are you? I am going to start by showing you what we as human beings often identify as, and then I will share with you the goal, what we all should strive to identify as.

The Identities that we most all identify as are;






I like to look on the identities not as right or wrong, yet as a reality that should collectively come together to form a single being.

Lets look at how each identity plays a role in life and living and how if you fixate and identify as one, you fail to become whole and blissful.


You are not a rich person, poor person, a king or peasant, the material things within our world do not define who you are. Shelter, food clothing, transportation, basic material possessions create a sense of security only, they are not you, you are not you because you posses anything material. You are not what you have.


You are not your nationality or race, you are not a fit person, a slim person, a fat person, a beautiful person, an ugly person, a straight person, a homosexual person, a transgendered person, your bodily presence does not define who you are. You are not your basic human operations and image.


You are not a smart person, dumb person, a scholar, or idiot. Your intellect is not who you are. You are not the knowledge you posses in your brain.


You are not only human, we gain our fundamental knowledge from one another, we gain the how-tos of living through mimicking, we imitate naturally, we as humans identify (who we are) through the imitation of other humans. Identifying ourselves as human is an inadequate perception of the reality, there is no other human exactly like you, you are able to expand exponentially, you are not your family or community connection.


The supreme (goal) identity is when we can see ourselves as soul, or eternal energy. Once we can perceive that we are soul/energy living within a physical body, in a material world, gaining intellect and operating as a human being, we then can begin to grasp the big picture. Eternal energy is within every living being, we are unified. Perceiving (perception is the key)

is empowering, we are not one person disconnected living for our-self, we are inner connected and responsible for all. As soul we choose goodness for all, as soul we need not fear the human life cycle, soul is forever expanding and limitless, you can begin to see why identifying ourselves as material, body, intellect, or human is not who we are, we are more, and hidden within this ability to identify as soul is the answer to all human difficulty. Bliss comes to those who know what they are.

I wish you to know you're soul. I wish you bliss.


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