• Heather Lynn

Alive Yet Dead

We know people who have lost their desire to be alive, they are living with us, near us, or even are us. All desire of living something satisfying has disappeared and a new kind of unliving has unfolded, isolation, lack of self care, numbness and hopelessness.

Living is wonderful, yet living isn't easy.

This can be hard to mentally comprehend, and anyone who spends much time thinking can get bogged down with the feeling of being stuck. Getting unstuck is difficult, it takes work, mental rest, self care, and becoming an active participant in ones own life.

Living is active, its thriving, a constant state of growth and development. Being active and thriving doesn't mean safe from the harms of living or the emotions that accompany life. Choosing to be alive is a mental decision that becomes a physical engagement. You must choose to live, and once you choose, you can make it wonderful.

Don't quit! If you are thinking of quitting life, reach out, learn to live again, I hope you do.


*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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