• Heather Lynn

3 Ways To Keep Your Friends Safe This Holiday Season

1. Accept Them

As they are right now, accept them, no conditions. If you have a friend who loves to decorate for the holidays, acts jolly, and wants you to participate, honor them and their joy. If you have a friend who is bah humbug, unhappy, a scrooge, let them be, we each go through “stuff” let them sort through it, in their time. If you have a friend who is suffering with loss, grief and the inability to find any hope this holiday season, be there, listen, give them time, accept them right now as they are.

2. Check In On Them

Take the time to check in on how your friends really are, there is less normalcy right now, ask the questions “how is everything going?” "What's life been like for you lately?" Actively listen, step into their shoes, act with empathy, you don't need to solve your friends problems, rather just be near them, share in whatever they are experiencing this holiday season.

3. Tell Them You Care.

Sometimes we just need to know that someone cares about us. Let your friends know that you care. Say it, show it, and repeat it.

Friends matter, right now is the time to make sure they know, oh and don't forget your animal friends, check on them to, look them over with care, give a special snack, tell them how good looking they are;).

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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