• Heather Lynn

3 Tips for Mental Clarity

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I wont say these are easy tips, I will say they are something once dedicated you can do. Easy is often an understatement, anything that you must do to help yourself overcome your mental struggle takes honest effort, strength and follow through, taking simple, achievable steps to help yourself is the idea.

1. Clear Conscience: a knowledge or belief that one has done nothing bad or wrong.

We have all done bad or wrong. The concept of a clear conscience starts with NOW, choosing to live today FREE from YOUR past shame, anything that has caused you to see yourself less than what you are right now, less than ALL GOOD must be LET GO.

2. Let Go:

We all struggle to forget the bad. You must make amends with yourself and then choose to free yourself from the memory. Making amends with yourself starts with accepting that you were meant to experience the situation for your greater good, then giving yourself the understanding you would give to someone you love. If you harmed someone it is normal and healthy to feel regret, and important to ask forgiveness, which is an acknowledgment of the wrong you did. Owning the wrong done and expressing your regret will lead you to release from the guilt. NOW, let it go, if your memory continues to replay the situation, tell yourself, I have let that Go, I am here right now with a clear conscience.

3. Be Here Now.

It takes practice to learn to live today, right now, staying present. One way to help bring your attention back to now is to stop everything and simply set both your hands on a hard surface, a counter a table, and look around you, pay attention to detail, for example; maybe a screw in an outlet cover or a picture on a wall, look for anything you might have never noticed. Take it in, slow everything down to right now. Listen to the sounds around you, what do you hear, why is the sound occuring? Breath, slowly, feel your heart beating. You are now here, present right now.

This is a Quick simple stabilizing method you can do anywhere.

Now act, do something, if you have responsibilities to take care of, do them if not try participating in an activity, a game of cards, artwork or journaling. Learn something new, a language, a new recipe, or a skill. Contact a friend or neighbor and share your day. Go for a walk look around you. Whatever you choose to do with your time NOW, DO IT with clarity and intention.

Thank you again for reading. I appreciate all of your support.

*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.


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