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Safe For Now

Welcome! Safe For Now is here to help you practice mental health safety.

What does it mean to practice mental health safety? To practice is to do or perform often, when we talk about mental health safety, we talk about becoming aware of our own mental state, in that awareness we pay attention to our thoughts, how we treat ourselves, what we do to care for ourselves, what tools we use to manage our stressors, how we learn and where we learn best, and in that learning we find ways to explore our interests, find purpose, and begin to care deeply for living.

As the writer of this blog my goal is to help you the reader stay safe, stay connected to resources, and heal through the difficulties in life. I hope you find something useful here. Please take good care of yourself and be safe.


Heather Lynn 


*Disclaimer - This blog is not intended to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment.